Tawny - Classic

Latte - Holographic

Mocha - Classic

Dusty Rose - Metallic

Coffee - Classic

Marshmallow - Classic

Espresso - Classic

Ophelia - Classic

Marigold - Classic

Orchid - Classic

Peony - Classic

Blush - Metallic

Pink Shatter - Holographic

Rose Gold - Holographic

Pastel Pink - Classic

Nude Pink - Classic

Carnation - Classic

Bubblegum - Classic

Mulberry - Classic

Strawberry - Classic

Ritz - Holographic

Coral - Classic

Periwinkle - Metallic

Flamingo - Holographic

Mauve - Classic

Fuchsia - Metallic

Confetti - Metallic

Lavender - Classic

Violet Sky - Holographic

Amethyst - Classic

Turquoise - Holographic

Aqua - Classic

Emerald City - Holographic

Marina Mist - Classic

Oceania - Classic

Iris - Classic

Ocean Rush - Holographic

Electric - Holographic

Tanzanite - Classic

Platinum - Holographic

Stone - Classic

Shadow - Classic

Starry Night - Classic

Black Pearl - Classic

Obsidian - Classic

Satin - Classic

Ice White - Classic

Pearl - Classic

Sand - Classic

Quartz - Classic

Sage - Classic

Ballerina - Classic

Wisteria - Holographic

Sangria - Classic

Midnight - Classic

Burnt Orange - Classic

Lollipop - Classic

Blossom - Classic

Razzleberry - Classic

Salmon - Classic

Lipstick - Classic

Ultraviolet - Classic

Boysenberry - Classic

Daffodil - Classic

Caramel - Classic

Gold - Classic

Scarlet - Classic

Seafoam - Classic

Sepia - Classic

Bohemian - Classic

Gilded - Holographic

Watermelon - Classic

The Foundation Box Set (Choose 1 Colour)

We proudly present the Sistaco Mineral Bond Foundation Box and it’s better than ever! It’s the perfect set to start your at-home manicure journey with Sistaco and with its new and improved base and topcoat stylus pens, we’ve just made it all the more exciting for you!

The Foundation Box Set Includes:
  • 1 x Quick-drying Portable LED Lamp and USB Cord
  • 1 X Base Coat Stylus Pen (Clear)
  • 1 X Gloss Top Coat Stylus Pen (Clear)
  • 1 X Nail Powder in Any Colour of Your Choice 
  • 1 x Double Ended (Brush/Pad) Colour Applicator
  • 1 x Gorgeous Marble Rose Gold Gift box
  • 1 x Instructions 




    Non- Toxic


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews

    I decided to treat myself with this set during lockdown and I haven't a single regret I love the system its so easy. I've since bought a holographic powder and ordered a base, top, and remover. Oh yes the remover is beyond easy and I continuously get compliments on my nails especially wisteria. I'm ordering crimson next can't wait


    Really like the product, and have ordered 6 more colours since, and got a friend to start ordering too! it’s easy to apply and take off, gorgeous colours, and my nails have never looked better,

    Great product sadly not for me

    Love the ease of this product and how it looked on my nails. Sadly I had a bad reaction to something which has meant I’m not able to use it. I’m really gutted.

    Love this product

    I love this product. It took me a couple of goes before I got the hang of applying the powder evenly, but now I’m able to apply it perfectly. It looks like I’ve been to a professional nail appointment.


    I love the easy application and the choice of colours .
    I need a bit more practice as I’m a bit shaky, really looking forward to new colours dropping through my letterbox

    Fantastic nail colours

    I used to spend a fortune and lots of time getting my nails done. Now I can do them in the comfort of my own home when I feel like it. It is much cheaper and less time consuming and the best bit is that my nails are much stronger and healthier than they were. The finish looks much more professional than nail polishes or gels.

    Love love love!

    I’ve used shellac for a few years, and when I seen this I was intrigued to try it. I’m now a convert, it’s easy to apply, so sparkly and it lasts better on my nails with no lifting. I’ve since placed 2 further orders 😀

    Beautiful Colours

    Absolutely delighted with the Sistaco system, I only ordered 1 colour with the set as I was still sceptical BUT I am now a convert. It goes on beautifully and lasts, the longest I have done is two weeks but that was because of growth and I wanted to try another colour. I now have 4 colours and waiting for another 6 to arrive. A truly magical purchase.

    I want it to work better!

    I’m in love with the consept and the videos make application look so easy and long lasting. Unfortunately my nails only look great for a day or two before it starts peeling off. Maybe I need more practice...

    Loved this item

    I wish I’d ordered more powders in first order- I’ve since put a second order I. At the end of feb and patiently awaiting delivery!

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