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So easy to use and the results are great!


Easy to apply, nails are strong, great colours
Definitely recommend

Rose Gold - Holographic
Margaret Clarke

Sistaco is easy to use and very little time to do. It is as they show in their videos.

Pretty great for the first application!

I'm someone who has a pretty steady hand but am not someone who regularly does or gets my nails done. However, for my first try, I did both my nails and my mum's and they look great. A week later and they're wearing well but I've since learned some additional tips to help the longevity so I'll apply them when I decide its time to do them again.

The packaging/box etc is very beautiful but I think the box should be bigger to include all 6 colours, rather than having a separate pack added to the bag. Alternatively, it would be great to include a little drawstring carry bag to put everything in as the box is not particularly convenient when you're trying to carry all 6 colours around - but this doesn't affect the quality of the product or great finish.

I was totally shocked that the nails are set so quickly and that they look so professional despite being a total beginner. The colours are also so fun and way too many to choose from!

As much as I want to tell you to go and support small businesses and get your nails done in a shop (which you still can), this system has allowed me to have my nails done while in the eternal lockdown that we're experiencing in Victoria and it's nice to share it with the females of the family too. Grateful for this system. Thanks so much!


This is the most beautiful colour! I'd been eyeing it off for quite a while and finally bought it. I wasn't sure it was a great pink tone for me but it is stunning. I applied 2 coats (base- cure - powder - base - cure - powder - top coat) and it is the most beautiful rich, glittery pink. This formula (like ultra violet, starry night and midnight blue) gives such a good finish. The glittery look hides and bumps or ridges and it applies really well when you push the powder on with the spongey applicator. Can't wait to do an ombre with Obsidian next. My nails are looking even better than they used to when I had acrylics.

Awesome but you still need a steady hand

I was hoping sistaco would be the solution to my nails always looking messy when I do them myself, but due to the application of a base and top coat, you still need a steady hand to make it look as amazing as it does in most reviews. They also seem to be chipping quite easily - however, I strongly suspect that is due to my inexperience and application rather than the product itself. It's easy to apply, the kit with remover gives you everything you need, the colours are absolutely lovely (and pretty true to the pictures you see online) and you can do fancy things like create an ombre without too much hassle. All in all I highly recommend.

❤️ love love love ❤️

Amazing! Easy to apply stays on and no smell

Sistaco is amazing. I am so impressed and it was only after I applied it that I realised there was no chemical smell. It has stood the toughness test and stayed on for weeks

Deluxe pack

Great product n fast delivery 👍👏👍

Easy to use great product!

Love love love this product easy to use salon nails at home!


I was given it by my children for my wedding anniversary. I love it, was the first time I had tried your product and I honestly think its the best. My hands are not the steadies but it was so simple to do I only messed up a little. I have already ordered more colours

Omg I'm in love still need practice but its the best nail system out there

Lovely nails

This is an easy and fun way to achieve lovely finger and toenails. Using Sistaco has encouraged me to pay more attention to my hands and nails. I also love the "me" time for doing my nails

Love it

Loved that I had all I needed in one go to start creating style. But do find it harder to remove 🤔it is not as easy as it looks but I will be ordering Moore at a later date 😉

Shamrock - Metallic
Kathy Wilkinson

Beautiful Shamrock, brilliant on its own and versatile enough to blend with other colours. Great Christmas or St Paddy’s day colour. Or any time you want a little bit of green magic

Very impressed

I’ve been having my nails done professionally for years. I decided that I would try Sistaco, I’m converted. I won’t be going back to the salon!

Confetti - Metallic
Karen Wilks
Not Happy

I did receive my order, however on the second time using it the UV lamp will not work. I have also sent a message via the website and am still waiting for a response. As I purchased the most expensive set I would like to have the UV lamp replaced. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you

Desert - Classic
Natasha Hunter

Oh my gosh, this is one yummy color it was my first application using this system & I am totally hooked each color seems to be the fave new color I have not had a color I dont like yet? =:) a smitten kitten of Sistaco.

Enjoyed the process

I’m new to putting nail polish on as I have always gotten migraines from the smell, so I love this product. No headaches at all. Easy to apply. I will say mine hasn’t stayed on for long but I am a person who plays with my nails constantly so I am learning to leave them alone lol I have since bought 3 more colours as I love the look.

Lovely and Simple

Found this easy to apply and by my 2nd application felt like an expert lol, Lovely choose of colours, a bit hard to pick just three though so will be ordering more for sure, absolutely love how my nails look, Thank you.

New customer

Very happy with my purchase.

Love the product so easy to use, great 😊

Works great- would love larger bottles!

The Express remover works pretty well. However, I like to do 3-4 layers to make my nails thicker, so it takes A LOT of product to remove my layers. Therefore, a larger, economy size bottle would be fantastic!


Excellent service as usual love this product

It works

Love this remover. It does take a couple of coats but it does not damage or dry my nails out at all!