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So happy

This is now the second application I have done (color in pic is Ice White). We were going on vacation and I did my nails with Sistaco before we left. By the time I had taken this pic, they had gone through days of chlorine pools. Sun. Sand. Tons of spf… and I am thrilled to say they remained so perfect, especially since I was surprised with a proposal and still had flawless nails.


I’ll be honest I was a bit skeptical at first…but I can now say that yes, it is seriously THAT easy!!! My second application was actually done over my first application - kind of like a fill if you will. I would recommend ordering the Precision Edge & the remover also. This is Ocean Rush. My 2nd order should be here any day 🙌🏽

Best decision ever

So glad I took the plunge and got this system! Easy to use amazing quality and I get so many compliments. I recommend this system to anyone who mentions my nails :)

I love this system

Very easy to put on. Love the colors. I just got my second order of 7 more colors. I am still working on learning how to get it removed but getting better at it. Very 😊

In love

I am very pleased with Sistaco, easy to apply, colors are Awesome.

Beautiful Sistaco

I am so delighted that I found this system! So easy to use and, after a little practice, perfect manicure! I also ordered the pedestal which catches loose powder perfectly 🥰

Great for mixing colors

I'm not one to wear black polish, but I got Raven to mix with other colors to darken them and to use in creating nail art. I'm not disappointed. I've been creating a lot of my own colors and trying different styles of nail art and Raven fits perfectly into that scheme.

The best!

I love the Sistaco system, and with such a wide range of colors and finishes, the possibilities are endless. The hardest part is deciding which colors to add to my shopping cart next, and once I get them, which one to try first. I'm so pleased with the results I've gotten with these powders--not only how long my manicures last, but the many looks I can achieve on my own without going to a salon.


Omg.. this colour is beautiful. So glad I chose it!

Fabulous colors

Very durable and easy to use. I am pleased! ☺️

Game Changer

If you on the fence, even if your not just buy it. I love to paint my nails, but it took so long to only have them be chipped within a day. Then I discovered Sistaco. WOW!! Is so hard to choose just a few colors, so I’ve ordered 4 times, lol. My nails have never looked better. They’re stronger, longer and always so pretty. I get compliments on them every time I go out. Thank you Sistaco!!

Great Product!

Love how easy to apply & look great. Will be adding to my collection.


I'm absolutely loving this show case. All my friends compliment me on it. Thank you Sistaco ♥️💅

Choice, Ease and No appointments

Very happy with my Sistaco purchase. Appointments can become very difficult to manage with two small kids and all the other daily commitments. This gives me the freedom to manage my nails 💅 In the comfort of my home, easy to apply. Love the FB group, great tips and tricks. Each application I learn more and my technique improves. Looking forward to adding to my colour collection ✨

Sistaco really delivers

I'm so pleased with the finish, the Sistaco system does exactly what is advertised. I love that there's no yucky nail polish smell, no chemicals and vegan! So many colours and finishes. I'm so happy I decided to try it.

Salon quality nails

If you are looking for nail salon quality nails that is simple and easy to do then no need to look further cause this kit is the kit for you. It has everything you need to achieve the “I just got my nails done at the salon”. This is an acrylic this isn’t dip nail this is literally somethings so different yet so easy and long lasting. You can even use it on press on nails so that you can reuse them and Crete different designs with them. There is so many shades you can choose from and you can even create your own shades mixing the colors of your choice.

Love this

I love this system and I love these colors! Tried ombré with some of the new colors from this order and I love it. This system is so easy to use and so much fun to play around with!

10 day manicure and still perfect 😍

So easy to use and so many compliments expecting to be a professional manicure / gel!
Love my sistaco sets!


I love everything about Sistaco!
Amazing products & easy to use.
I bought 2 sets. I've got 12 colors and I am planning to buy more!
Love these sets so much!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Sistaco!
Say goodbye to nail store!

I can't thank sistaco is so easy to use and already my nails are stronger and longer.i had a accident when young and lost most of my fingers.i only have 2 thumb nails and one finger And did not like paying full price to have nails done.i can now for the 1st show off my nails with lovely selection of colours. Thank you (I'm 67)

All that Glitter

Flamingo and wisteria are very similar in tone, pink n purple. But I love them.
I love the Sistaco system.
So quick and easy. The more you so it the better you get.
I did my DIL's and she came back to try rose gold.
My natural nails are wrecked from chemo and never recovered.
I buy "impress" faux nails. The only faux nails I've never reacted to. And I get so many comments..."oooo you've had your nails done!" I do a sneaky smile and just say thank you, thank Sistaco.
Do yourself a favour and try this system.


Gorgeous product, easy to apply and beautiful..
Have made 2 more orders 3 days apart. Can't for for delivery. Absolutely love it

Love this product

It is so easy to put on, the colours are fantastic. So many beautiful colours in classic, metallic and holographic finishes. Plus you can use matt top coat. Also the express remover really works. I have also bought the elixir, which again I love. Also your nails can last 2 too 3 weeks, that's if you can resist changing the colour.

Deluxe Set

Love this product - easy to use - long wearing - Australian product 🥰


Great system so easy to apply and the most fabulous colours, you will become addicted!!

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